Pocket Life on the iPhone
The Pocket Life application is available from the Apple iPhone App Store. To download the application, just open the App Store on your iPhone or access the App Store directly via iTunes on your computer and search for Pocket Life or click on the icon below.

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Get the scoop as it happens and message with your friends.

Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse
Connect with friends,, keep updated contact details and control your visibility

Contacts Contacts Contacts Contacts
View friends nearby 'and search for useful things around you

Maps Maps Maps Maps
Store and share your geo-tagged photos. View your friends geo-tagged photos.

Photos Photos Photos Photos
Store and share places you have experienced. View your friends recommended places.

Favourites Favourites Favourites Favourites
Pocket Life is a Location Based Social Network that puts your Social Life on the Map. Pocket Life is available on all networks and you can use it on the web and on the mobile phone. A wide range of mobile phones is available including the iPhone, Blackberry (Storm, Bold etc.), Nokia (N95, N96 etc.), Samsung, LG etc. Pocket Life supports GPS tracking. With Pocket Life you can connect to friends and share your location as well as favourite places, tracks or photos. Pocket Life also integrates other social network feeds, for example from facebook, LinkedIn, bebo, mySpace and others. Pocket Life has been developed as a joint project between web and mobile start ups. Pocket Life has been developed by Pocketweb ( www.pocketweb.com). Pocketweb develops and provides branded communities and LBS solutions for web and mobile and LBS enabled social media. Pocketweb provides applications and bundled OEM solutions for consumers and corporate markets. Pocketweb is a 100% privately owned company.